Custom Mouth Guards

Maximum Protection

For Every Sport, Level & Age

Why Saber Protect Mouth Guards?

The purpose of a mouth guard is to protect, not only the teeth but also the gums, lips and entire head which is why we at Saber Protect have created a mouth guard system that offers total protection. A Saber Protect mouth guard is leaps and bounds ahead of others in the industry due to the level of customisation on offer and superior protection a wearer enjoys. Using the latest specialised pressure-forming machines we can compress multiple layers, offering increased protection without feeling bulky in the mouth.

Knowing exactly which sport is being played lets us craft a mouth guard that’s perfectly suited for each individual while offering the exact protection needed.

  • Prevent Dental Trauma & Soft Tissue Lacerations
  • Reduce The Chance Of Being Knocked-Out
  • Stay In The Game Longer
  • Communicate Easily With Your Team
  • Breath & Hydrate Easily

Dental Trauma Prevention

Custom Layered Protection

Multi-level layering for specific sport types and sporting levels providing maximum protection against dental trauma and soft tissue laceration. Carefully designed taking into account the age of the sports player, sport type and sporting level.

Protect Your Whole Head

A good mouth guard will soften and distribute impact force rather than allow its full power to travel into the head. This is especially important for boxing and other combat sports. Wearing the right guard can keep you safe and in the fight a little longer.

Communicate, Breathe & Hydrate Easily

Communication is at the heart of all successful sports teams and can give you a powerful sporting advantage. Saber Protect mouth guards are designed allowing you to communicate, breathe and hydrate easily.

Impact Levels

For a mouth guard to successfully offer this protection it must have been fitted correctly, offer the appropriate number of protective layers, be customised to the mouth of the wearer and ideally have been manufactured with a specific sport/impact type in mind.

If you would like more detailed information on our impact levels download our guide Find Out MoreFind Out More

* This is the unformed material thickness. During manufacture the high pressure actually compresses the material while retaining its strength.

Are you a sports club or a school?

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We can help you select the precise impact level mouth guards for your teams, based on their age, sports type and sporting level.

    Colours & Styles

    Available in virtually any combination of colours and styles; team colours, patterns, logos, words, flags, the choices are endless. This is one of the few times you can be offered such a wide aesthetic choice at the dentist so have fun and get creative!

    View our extensive colours and styles chart here  Find Out MoreFind Out More

    * These are just examples of the colours and styles. If you have a more specific design requirement please let us know and we can create it for you.

    Buying Options

    Currently available through qualified dentists only.

    To produce Saber Protect custom mouth guards we require accurate dental impressions which will ensure the fit is both precise and comfortable. Please ask your dentist about Saber Protect.

    If you’re a dentist go here:

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