Loose or ill-fitting mouth guards can move in the mouth and ultimately not provide the protection your patients need when playing sports.

Don’t let them take the risk by prescribing a Saber Protect custom-made mouth guard.

Designed and manufactured by a team of highly skilled dental technicians using pressure forming techniques, every Saber Protect mouth guard is fabricated to each patient’s exact specifications.

Offering superior protection, the device consists of a multi-layered material that diffuses impact much more effectively than a single-layer mouth guard. These layers can also be built up according to the sport and standard they are needed for, ensuring maximum protection for everyone from school children playing rugby to professional boxers.

What’s more, Saber Protect mouth guards are available in a wide range of colours and designs, which can be utilised to reflect team branding or individual style.

Don’t let your patients risk loose-fitting mouth guards – recommend Saber Protect for outstanding protection.